Spruce Up the Home with Items from the Cindy Crawford Furniture Collection

Published: 15th March 2012
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Who knows more about the current fashion trends than Cindy Crawford? In 2005, she started pouring her eye for design into a home collection that is featured at several furniture chains across the country. She incorporates particular features, colors and styles into her furniture that reflect her own taste. Her style is respected by others, plus she’s not afraid to show off her character and find interesting ways to blend form and function together in one beautiful piece. And that’s one characteristic that certainly doesn’t fall short in the Cindy Crawford furniture collection: Color. You’ll find bold patterns and vibrant splashes of color throughout.

Another interesting aspect to the Cindy Crawford collections is that it incorporates luxurious leathers and fabrics, similar to what you’d find in Cindy Crawford’s own personal wardrobe. What really sets her collections apart from others is that they’re designed to be practical, casual and comfortable, keeping consistent with the modern lifestyle. Pieces that look stunning, but remain functional are the core of Cindy Crawford furniture. Just one peak and you’ll probably find yourself being sold on the originality of the pieces.

One of the exciting features to the Cindy Crawford collections is that they’re actually affordable. While other well-known designers have attempted to break into the market, their items are sold at high costs. With Cindy Crawford furniture however, the price is just right and affordable for most families. You can expect quality for the price, as well as a reputable name that will mean more to you and your visitors than just an ordinary manufacturer.

So what exactly can you find with this furniture? For starters, there are different collections that Cindy Crawford has introduced, including her Cindy Crawford Colors and Cindy Crawford Home Collection. From sofas to sectionals to dining room tables, you’ll find the furniture to be chic and sophisticated. Furniture can be purchased in individual pieces or in sets, making it easy to makeover your home in one purchase or start slow and work your way up.

Although Cindy Crawford keeps her furniture consistent with today’s trends, the items are packed with personality and flair; more than what is included on a lot of simple, modern-day furniture. For example, you can find flared arms, tufted details, diamond stitches, varied fabrics and even fringed pillows. The furniture is enough to make a statement, so you’ll need few décor items to bring the room together. All the details are there, from the classic silhouettes and rounded backs of chairs all the way down to curved posts and flared feet.

Not all furniture stores carry Cindy Crawford furniture,which means you won’t be able to find it just anywhere. However, a good number of chains sell the furniture both online and in stores, so you can purchase items from the collections rather easily. To save, look for furniture stores that deliver the furniture to their site for free or offer free set up with the delivery charge. If you buy the furniture in sets, you can also save money, as each piece costs less than if you were to buy them individually. Thanks to Cindy Crawford’s taste and eye for detail, we now have a new way to decorate our homes, while keeping practicality in mind.

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